Our Software


offers secure and efficient data management based on a database of your choice such as Oracle (R), Microsoft (R) SQL or also on a proprietary data format from our company.

The cross-industry specific customer processes
are implemented in an open, XML-based CustLogic
modelled around the Gismo software core.

The system supports you in seven languages and
numerous cross-industry application variants
in the application areas:

+++ Inventory of fixed and current assets
+++ Inventory management in the warehouse
+++ Tracking of load carriers
+++ Evaluation and analysis of mass data
+++ Management of archives i.e. for data sheets
+++ and much more.

GISMO organises all data, system elements and user settings centrally on a Windows server. No decentralised installations are required. GISMO can therefore not only be used on your in-house servers, but is also perfectly suited for use on a server in a modern private cloud such as ONECLICK (R)
or for use in conjunction with Citrix (R).

Our specially developed LiveCache technology keeps all the system’s data available in the cache at lightning speed and enables large amounts of data to be processed in parallel on up to 64 CPUs. In the case of large numbers of users with high access frequency, server clusters can be set up without any problems.

Last but not least, GISMO offers administration of all system components and access rights via roles. Authentication takes place through coupling with the
Microsoft Active Directory System ADS.

We provide you with comprehensive support during the system introduction.

Jahre erfahrung
Exemplary application

Warehousing and materials management

In this field of application, GISMO offers you comprehensive inventory and materials management with master data management and the option to store media such as photos, drawings or documents. This includes automatic stock monitoring, reordering and post-calculation of withdrawals via cost centres.

In addition, the software allows you to carry out lists, evaluations and inventories and to create statistics and diagrams. Role and rights management allows users to access the data.

If required, GISMO couples to your management system such as SAP (R) via the integrated framework and exchanges data bi-directionally.

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Handheld scanner

GISMO can be used on almost all current platforms. Based on Windows or with special web services. Connected online or as a stand-alone branch that only needs to talk to the main system in hotspots.

Freely modelable form screens are displayed on the mobile devices in KioskMode to block any distraction by complex operating system environments.

Our solutions generally allow the use of today’s common peripherals. This includes directly connected devices such as handheld scanners, flatbed scanners or label printers as well as stand-alone Gismo clients on tablets or notebooks in online or offline mode.
in online or offline mode.

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Inventory transaction type
Mobile Windows Tablet PC
Offline shop with functions for data synchronisation with the Gismo main system

Transaction type Tracking
Mobile hand scanner from Denso
as mobile offline device for tracking goods movements