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You are looking for a state-of-the-art software system for use in
for use in logistics?

Then you have come to the right place.

As a potential interested party, you should not only look at our excellent offers, but above all on our quite respectable portfolio of over
of over 160 customers, ranging from

Audi, Bayer, Bosch, Continental, or Deutsche Bahn up to the
ZDF in Mainz.

years of experience

Our main product

we can describe without many words:
The product was developed thanks to the many hardworking hands
developers, the product was established on the market
without any significant advertising effort and has even been
even by one of our long-standing regular customers.

Continental AG:
Awarded GISMO in the Group as


by phone

Short and sweet

Gismo is a software toolkit that helps you to upgrade your
established processes on a
on a state-of-the-art platform.

Modelled by yourself or by us.
On a single workstation or for hundreds of users.

For several thousand or millions of data records.
Easily scalable with growing demand.
And with the one-time K-licensing, the price is transparent.

  • Windows Server
  • Oracle, SQL & more
  • Single server or server cluster
  • Local data centre or PrivateCloud
  • LiveCache & up to 64 CPUs
  • ADS-coupling

Your process logic is modelled around the Gismo S/W core
in an open source XML code.

Your data is displayed in classic tabular views
and/or form screens. If required, you can also access the data with WebServices (RestAPI) on standard browsers.

In other words:
Our software is flexible and adaptable.

What sets us apart

We deliver

the associated lightning-fast LiveCache
application with access to almost all
platforms commonly used today
at your location or via cloud!

Directly by phone